Sylvia (rheasilvia) wrote in little_details,

Death by arrow to the torso

One of my characters (a healthy, athletic man in his mid-thirties) is fatally shot at very short range with a composite bow. I need him to stay alive and mobile for a minute or two - long enough to kill his assailant. He also needs to be able to speak at least one word. After that, however, unconsciousness and death should occur within minutes.

Could I realistically have him shot in the chest or abdomen to bleed out or suffocate, without the arrow being removed? Would a heart shot give him the necessary time before he loses consciousness?

I've googled various variations of "lethal arrow wound", "human shot with arrow", "shot in the lung / heart / abdomen" and so on, and come across extremely conflicting information. (I also didn't know there are so many deer hunters who hunt with a bow and arrow; however, even in the case of deer, there seems to be little consensus over how quickly various shots kill.)
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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