Seth Gordon (sethg_prime) wrote in little_details,
Seth Gordon

use of “taking the piss” by a woman (Australian, 1971)

I have a scene set in 1971 in the Boston area, where an adult woman, a recent immigrant from Australia, is talking to a teenager that she is friendly with, but doesn’t know very well.

“Well said, Miss Women’s Lib of 1971.” Margaret chuckled...

Cassie felt her ears get warm. “I didn’t mean—”

“It’s all right,” Margaret interrupted. “I was just—taking the piss out of you, as we say back home. Thank you so much for explaining all this. It’s been hard for me, being new in the country and not knowing anyone.”

Is “taking the piss” too coarse for this speaker, this kind of relationship, and this time period? Is there another phrase that would be more appropriate?

Wikipedia also suggests “taking the mickey” or “taking the Michael”. I looked at some vocabulary lists of Australian dialect, but nothing else really seemed right.

adTHANKSvance as always.

Tags: 1970-1979, australia (misc), ~languages: english (misc)

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