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Rank and job title of mechanic during combat missions in United States Army.

I have a small detail in the background of a character I'm about to write in a story. He's a disabled Afghanistan veteran (United States Army). As an enlisted man in the service he was the guy who made mechanical repairs to weapons or equipment when soldiers get attacked during transport (he's on the humvee). So, what's his rank and job title? And for that matter, what might malfunction that he could fix and save their bacon during a firefight? And... correct me if he wouldn't be in the Army, but another branch of the service. And if he wouldn't be enlisted. And... they'd be driving a "humvee: right? ~_~ I kind of sound like a schmuck writing something I know so little about, but it's literally going to just be a line he says when he introduces himself with his name and former rank (he's been discharged now). And a line when he tells a very brief story of how he got his nickname.

I've tried Googling stuff like "united states army who makes mechanical or technical repairs on the field". It was very not useful, and I can't think of a better way to phrase it.
Tags: usa: military (misc)

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