endgirl (endgirl) wrote in little_details,

Wild animals that could track a person by scent?

Hey there! Does anyone know of any wild animals (especially the type that might be found in a zoo) who would be able to sniff something that belonged to a person and then track them by scent, like a bloodhound? I know almost no wild animals would do this by choice, but the willingness of the animal to do it is not as important as the physical/cognitive ability. It would be ideal if the animal were smaller than a dog but not a member of the dog family, because the it should be relatively safe to work with (ie not a grizzly bear) but more exciting than a dog.

I have googled animals that track humans, animals with best sense of smell, animals that track prey by scent, etc. But most of what comes up is how humans can track animals in the woods, and info on a couple of animals (bear and wolf) that are too big/dangerous for my needs.

Thank you!!
Tags: ~animals (misc), ~wilderness survival

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