A. Askew (anivad) wrote in little_details,
A. Askew

How to survive a plane crash?

Situation: Someone about to get onto a plane (circa 1990 or thereabouts) has been accidentally informed ahead of time that said plane is going to crash, because of complicated time travel shenanigans. She is now on her own. The plane has to crash for the sake of keeping history intact. Originally, she was supposed to have died with it - there were no survivors found.

If she wants to survive, while not changing history (i.e. to be presumed dead when actually not), what are her options, making use of knowledge (both medical and flight-safety related) that would be available in ~2013 but was not available ~1990?

No country of setting is explicitly specified; any generic English-speaking country would be ok.

- If she does get onto the plane and it goes down, is there any crucial bit of 2013 information that might save her life and hers alone, and/or allow her to get away unnoticed?
- Alternatively, would it be possible for her to not get on the plane after getting her boarding pass stamped? (basically after her presence was confirmed on the flight manifest.) It would seem that security wouldn't let people randomly get out, but I'm not that familiar with how airports worked, and airport security in the 1990s was definitely more slack than it is today.

Research done so far: googling 'how to survive a plane crash', which got me some helpful tips if I ever get in a crash, but nothing that helps in this situation; I also googled variations of flight safety changes since 1990, but it's mostly irrelevant stuff about the TSA and terrorism.

Tags: 1990-1999, ~aviation, ~medicine: historical

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