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Information about Kings College London P1

Hello everyone.

I was pointed towards this community a couple of days ago by a friend. I'm working on a fanfiction that I've recently picked back up again after a year's hiatus, due to RL and it's set at Kings College Campus in London. I've taken a few liberties with this and that but for the final act (the 'battle scene' for want of a better phrase) I simply want to get the geography right.

I'm looking for a large lecture hall that has an entrance at the front and also two at the back that lead down the lecture theatre steps. I'd also need the hall-doors to have a glass panel to peek through.

I know Kings College is an assortment of different campuses; in a rather unhelpful bout of indecision on my part, I can't decide whether I want this scene to happen on Guy's Campus (where medicine is studied) or else on one of the other campuses; my reasons for this are to do with the character's emotions, but I won't blather on about that here. At the risk of sounding horribly pedantic, for fic reasons neither Waterloo or Denmark's Hill can be used as the setting for this final act.

If possible, it would be great to have a place that's a little isolated and not too open and obvious in the late evening. I did consider the Hodgekin Building in Guy's, but no matter how I google, I can't find any pictures of what it looks like on the inside and if it has a lecture theatre with the requirements outlined above. I will, as a backup alternate, take a classroom type setting instead with chairs and desks, as long as there's enough room for the characters to move around.

I know I could go and look this stuff up but I have extensively searched the internet and official website over and over and I just can't find exactly what I'm looking for. I also know what I'm asking for sounds pretty moronic, but I do want this to be realistic enough and set in the right building with the right interior. I have considered New Hunt's House (also on Guys') but I've had a look and it seems a little too 'open.'

So, do we have anyone familiar with the geography of Kings College and its lecture theatres who could help me out? I would really appreciate the advice, thankyou. :)
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