tabaqui (tabaqui) wrote in little_details,

The Internet Guide to Jazz Age Slang

I thought this was a pretty awesome resource.

-ski, -avous: these are two suffixes (derived from Russian and French, respectively) used in flapper parlance to “dress up” normal words. The suffix could be added to any word. There was only one hard and fast rule: if you responded to a question containing a suffix, you had to use the same part of speech somehow. Example: “Would you like a drink-avous?” “No thanks, I’m on the wagon-avous.” “The sun-ski is so bright!” “Put on a hat-ski.”

I mean - come on! Drink-avous! I love it. :)

(I'm really surprised there's no `languages: slang tag)
Tags: #resources, 1920-1929, 1930-1939, ~languages: (misc): slang slurs & curses

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