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Using cued speech in Britain in 1988.

Hi all,
So I am writing a Harry Potter fanfic which has Harry removed from the Dursleys at about the age of 8 and sent to live with Kingsley Shacklebolt.  I'd like to have him make friends with another child who is being bullied and my immediate thought was a physical disability as A) he would learn magic can't fix everything, and b) having a physical disability as a child is something I am familiar with.  For various reasons I was thinking of a disability caused by a recent accident for the child.  I immediately though of deafness because I had been doing some other research into cued speech and talking to a friend who use it.  My friend uses it instead of ASL primarily because the rest of his family is hearing and it was their main mode of communication before he got his cochlear implant.

I know Cued Speech is American in orgin, but a quck search shows that there is a British  cued speech organization.  I just can't tell when cued speech became introduced in Britain.

Is it theoretically possible that a student would learn cued speech and between that and lip reading remain at their local primary school.  The location is a bit vague but it is outside London.  so anything smaller than London would work for locale.

If cued speech is absolutely not possible, would a child who became deaf around age 8 in the time period in Britain use British sign (which I know is very different from ASL)?

Googled:  "history of cued speech", "cued speech in Brittan", "cued speech in the UK"
Tags: uk: education, ~deaf/hard of hearing, ~education (misc)

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