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Vintage Firearm to order? Or resources on exact specs?

I am trying to pick out a period and character-appropriate firearm for my MC 1930's detective (1932 to be precise). I was all set to give him a Colt M1911 .45. Easy to come by, reliable, more "modern" than a revolver. Setting is England but MC is wealthy and well-travelled, so origin/price is no obstacle.

Now however, a petite female has stolen MC's gun and will have to use it a couple of times (at close quarter), which means concealed carry. Not really feasible for a 5'0" young lady in 1930's frocks/handbags, according to the specs I've found on the Colt.

There is a huge amount of info out there, I am just having trouble sifting through it to find relevant decision-points. There is a lot of historial/technical/design info, but sorting it out to - what could be used by the girly-girl but not seem silly when carried by MC? Some possible alternatives I have found are the Pieper Bayard 1908, and several models of Beretta (though the Berettas of the time just seem so dinky).

Any advice to where I can find more subjective reviews and data on using/carrying vintage guns, instead of just buying/selling/fixing them?

Have wiki'd "service revolvers" and "firearms history", then googled "specs" and "range reviews" and "range reports" on the various possible models. More a question of overload than not finding anything.
Tags: 1930-1939, ~weapons: firearms

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