angel_renoir (angel_renoir) wrote in little_details,

Sengoku Japan

The story I'm working on is pretty much Sengoku era Japan in everything BUT name. Things I want to ask:

- What are the rules for Kinjiki (forbidden colours)? Which colours are restricted to what rank?
- What do the shogun's heir do before inheriting the title? I know usually daimyo's heirs would become commanders of the army, but the shogun?
- Considering the homosexual practices, are there lubrication? Do men have anal sex with women?
- I read somewhere that in this period it is taboo to do cunnilingus/fellatio. Is this true? I cannot for the life of me remember where I found it but it was a blog, so it's a dubious claim at best.

Searched "history of sex practice in Japan", "kinjiku colours in clothes", "court wear colours". Not finding anything good so far.
Tags: 1500-1599, japan: history, ~sex

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