proudofthefish (proudofthefish) wrote in little_details,

Slang or terms meaning deferred

Okay all I am working on chapter titles and am looking to play off the title: A Fate Deferred.  I attempted to google this but it was a shot in the dark.  Terms included "synonyms for deferred", "slang for delaying tactic", "delaying tactics in sports" delaying tactics in chess"

Things I got that I liked: stonewall, filibuster, ploy
Things that I got that I didn't like so much: hoax, susppended

What I would really like are terms specific to a topic or group (sport, chess, etc) that would give someone familiar with the term a unique picture.  I am totally open to any language as long as you can give me a good description of the nuiances.  The fandom is Harry Potter not that that makes much of a difference in this case.

Thanks for the help!
Tags: ~languages (misc)

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