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bronchitis or pneumonia?

so i'm writing a fanfic where a character is kidnapped and tortured to a degree.

other than beating her up (nothing hard enough to cause any fractures, btw), the torture involves tying her hands and throwing her into a small pool which is about ten feet deep. every time she comes up, they shove her back down again. sometimes they will hold her forcibly underwater for a couple minutes. eventually she will have moments of inhaling water.

combining that with the fact that the villains' base is in a pretty cold location and the water is just as cold (ocean water, as a matter of fact), i plan to have her start falling ill after the second or third dunking, which will be the first time she inhales a little of the water. she will be in bad shape when she is finally rescued by her friends.

now when i first thought of this outcome, my mind jumped to pneumonia. but i've had two of my plot helpers suggest either bronchitis or pneumonia could develop....or bronchitis could turn INTO pneumonia.

now to me, with what i've read, pneumonia (specifically aspiration pneumonia) fits how she would come down ill.

so which would it be? i want to get it right. thanks in advance.

info sources i used: wikipedia articles on bronchitis (and acute bronchitis), pneumonia, and googling "pneumonia causes", which led me to info at the Mayo Clinic's website and WebMD that all seem to point to aspiration pneumonia.
Tags: ~drowning, ~medicine: illnesses: lung problems, ~torture

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