a prince in a far away land (far_from_gondor) wrote in little_details,
a prince in a far away land

I have some strange requests that reflect my great ignorance; does anyone know of any popular records (the vinyl kind) would have been available in Russia (preferably with music that is Russian in origin) in the 1970s? Would there have been orthodox churches still performing services in large cities? Along with my other 1970s questions; what were some hand soaps for men in Britain at that time period? And also, what kind of handgun regulations existed on antique (but fireable) pieces in the late 1970s/early 1980s?

And in a completely unrelated tack, if you fractured your elbow, and couldn't reach a doctor, how would you treat it? What would the worst-and-best case scenarios be? How long would that arm be out of commission?
Tags: russia: history, ~medicine: injuries: broken bones, ~music

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