Streetlamp Lucozade (orange_fell) wrote in little_details,
Streetlamp Lucozade

[ANON POST] Latin Translation

Time: Contemporary
Setting: USA
Searches: Several English to Latin translators, a Latin dictionary, Latin synonyms

Hi, everyone! I'm working on a book and I'm looking for a Latin translation. I've tried a few translation sites, but all of them gave me different answers. I have a friend who studied Latin in college, but since that was a few years ago (and now I feel old), I'd rather have someone with more recent experience verify this.

I'm trying to create a slogan that basically translates to, "With Iron, We Dominate".

Some of the (probably laughably bad) translations I've gotten are, "Ferro vincimus", "Ferro Sceptris Moderemur", "Per regulam sceptris moderemur", and "In regulam dominari".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Tags: ~languages: latin

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