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Non-lethal poisoning

My story takes place in a parallel universe, similar to the modern day. I've looked in Wikipedia for poisonous mushrooms, done a Google search on slow-acting poisons, plant toxins and paralytic toxins, but the ones I've found are a bit too effective. On my search I found that what I want can be most likely achieved by combining two poisons.

First, I need a substance that acts in 20-30 minutes and causes temporary paralysis ONLY. The victim is to lose motor functions, but stay conscious.

Next, a poison that will cause mild internal hemorrhages (possibly corrosion), but remember, THE VICTIM MUST LIVE.

~Thanks in advance for your help :)

EDIT: I see some confusion down there, so I'll give some more details (I was afraid something like this would happen -.-).

The poison is to be mixed in the victim's food, on a dinner with the assailant. They are alone, the assailant just wants to show the victim what she's really capable of, to keep him in her grasp, since he's got some dirt on her. After noticing the poisoning and receiving a threat, I suppose the victim will pass out, to later wake up in his bed, showing that harm wasn't the intention, but a warning.
Tags: ~medicine: paralysis, ~medicine: poisoning, ~plants

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