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Becoming a Medical Researcher in Japan

This is an easy one, I hope!

I'm writing a story in which my main character is a Japanese student studying to eventually become a medical research scientist. I've found some great resources on the ins and outs of medical school in Japan, but everything I've found is geared more towards the student who wants to get out and practice medicine in a clinical setting. My character doesn't like people that much at this point in her life, and would rather look under a microscope.

I know in America generally medical research is a PhD-level degree (so bachelors, then masters/doctorate) but it doesn't necessarily require med school/acquiring a MD. If you want you can go that route but you can still become a researcher in America without being a Doctor is my understanding. Is this similar in Japan? It would make a huge difference in how old my character is. TIA!

- Many variants on "how to become a medical researcher in Japan" in Google
- The archives of this community; I stuck with the japan (misc) and japan (education) tags
- - the website for Tokyo Medical University; this site gives info about post-MD Doctorate students on one page, but doesn't specify whether the MD is required. The Admissions page was useless to me :(
Tags: japan (misc), japan: education, ~medicine: medical education

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