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I need your help once again, amazing people. This time, on poison.

Hello, guys!

As a crime writer, I often find myself roaming around the medicine tags in this comm. Alas, it's been extremely helpful most of the time, but since this question is rather open/specific (whichever way you'd like to view it) and I know the names of these substances on Spanish and not in English, I'm afraid I might need some extra help.

In any case.

Today I bring to you all a question on poison.

I'm in the planning stage of a new crime story. I have basically planned the outlines of the murder that shall be investigated, even if the details are somehow... fuzzy, let's say. I want the murderer to be a woman. She's killing her husband for revenge after years of resenting him, and I've decided the best way to do so is with poison.

I need for this story poison that:

  • will lead to a painful death (how long the guy's gonna be agonizing doesn't matter, as long as he does).

  • is untraceable (that is to say, unless you run tests for that specific poison)

  • is acquired easily

  • can be confused with a virus/illness/whatever while the guy's alive

  • (if possible) happens to be a natural poison

I haven't many of the details for this story, I'm afraid. I want it to be sometime in the 70s, and if possible at all, related to history. I've found a few interesting theories revolving the Borgias, for instance, but Cantarella can be tough to get and quite traceable.

So far I've googled poison, lethal toxicity, cantarella, locusta, history poison, etc. but to no avail. Ricin's quite cool, but as overused as cyanide, at least to my standards.

Also, I'd need to know the sympthoms and the state of the corpse both right after the murder and some time later, during the investigation.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: 1970-1979, ~medicine: historical, ~medicine: poisoning

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