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A child's fond memories of life in Sydney.

Setting: A spacefaring future. However, this is largely treated in practice as "an alternative present where they have robots and space travel".

Terms searched: "things I miss about Sydney" "growing up in Sydney" "filipino sydney childhood memories" and similar.

Two Filipino-Australian boys, currently far from home, are trying to get another character to tell them about his life and origins. The other character is, for plot-related reasons, reluctant to do this, and the boys try to encourage him by offering some details of their own lives back in Sydney, to prove that they're not asking anything they're unwilling to do themselves, and that it's POSSIBLE to talk about these things without divulging particularly sensitive information.

Boy 1 has just mentioned some details about his parents' place of work (a cinema), a film he likes, and the fact that Sydney has a lot of beaches.

Boy 2 is where I'm stuck. I only want a line or two, and I'd prefer his comment to touch on a specifically Filipino family experience of Sydney, though this is not essential (and can be sacrificed if it seems likely to end in stereoetyping), so I'm still interested in hearing from people of other backgrounds. But I'd definitely like something a little more personal and less generic than "hey, Sydney has beaches." I'm not finding many reminiscences online, and so suspect almost everything I find of being too touristy, or at least, too adult. E.g, I've been thinking along the lines of: "We used to buy [foodstuff] in [place]." I was wondering about the night market in Chinatown or Market City, but I'm not sure locals really shop in the former, or that a young boy would wax nostalgic about the latter?

Boy 2, should it make a difference, is rather quieter and more sensitive than his outgoing brother.

So I'm looking for memories/descriptions of:

*Unusual places where kids might play
*Non-touristy places where families (esp. Filipino-Australian families) might shop or entertain themselves with their kids.

*Any other quirky favourite place or thing you'd have to live in Sydney to know about. It doesn't have to be a memory from childhood, so long as it's something accessible by children. E.g, if I were telling you about Hastings in the UK, I could say, "There are lots of tiny fish shops selling the day's catch. I like walking on the fishing beach where there are huge piles of multi-coloured fishing nets and weird bits of machinery you have to climb over, and hundreds of boats -- some of them plainly in and out of the sea all the time, some look to have been there for decades. In summer when the wind is right the Old Town smells of vinegar and wild flowers."

Because of the future setting, I don't want to name any real-world shops (markets are fine) or brands, and obviously I can't use anything specific to a particular decade or anything that is practically certain to be gone soon. However, beyond that, any area can be assumed to retain its current character.
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