Piffy (pig_catapult) wrote in little_details,

Pretentious Greeklish name for a personal realm

Googled "Greek word endings", "Greek nouns", "Greek place names", "Greek place names and meanings", "giving things pretentious greek names" "Greek word for promise", "Greek word for broken promise", and got very confused by Wikipedia's articles on ancient Greek grammar. From Google Translate, I got "υπόσχεση" as the noun for "promise", and put that through the Greeklish Converter to get "yposxesh".

A character who is very, very well-read but also pretty immature and snobby has created a personal magical realm. I want her to give it some really pretentious Anglicised Greek or pseudo-Greek (but not mixed with Latin, because she's pedantic) name along the lines of "place where promises are broken" or otherwise expressing that the place is antithetical to promises being kept, but with the fanciness of something like "Field of Shattered Vows". I'm thinking something starting with the prefix "A-", but I have no idea what I'm doing and have no idea how to even pronounce that thing up there. Halp?

[ETA: How do I stick the "-clasm" suffix onto "Panhyposkhesis" properly?]
Tags: ~languages: greek

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