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Commanding officer ordering leave for medical reasons?

Hello! I have a question for a fic set in the Mass Effect universe (space marines, ~200 years in the future, so assume significant medical advances at the very least). I don't know a lot about the military, so in a lot of ways, I'm in over my head regarding many things I want to write and how exactly to make them work.

My MC (a woman in her mid-twenties) recently witnessed a traumatic event and has developed PTSD. She has been covering up the full extent of the trauma and resisting getting treatment, entirely because of stubbornness, convinces herself that she's fine, et cetera. Some time after she returns to active duty, she ends up in a triggering situation (non-combat, but still in a situation where she's taking orders--I'm currently thinking drills or some sort of ground exercise) and has a panic attack bad enough that she freezes up and can't keep going. Her CO realizes what's going on pretty quickly, knowing her history, and orders her out of the exercise and back to their vehicle.

The questions: Can (or would) her CO order her to take some form of medical leave, or order her to see a counselor/therapist/other applicable source of help (assume that decent help is available and is not a hardship to get to)? If so, is there any specific terminology, any specific order her CO would give? If her CO can't do this, is it appropriate for them to recommend in a more personal/private capacity that she get treatment?

I'm a bit at a loss as to search terms for this, but I've read the wikipedia article on Leave (U.S. military) and I've googled a few variations on "military leave", "medical leave", and "convalescent leave", which have turned up some information about how to get it and some dates/numbers, but not much with regard to the protocol for this situation.

Thank you in advance!
Tags: ~military (misc), ~psychology & psychiatry: ptsd

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