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Looking for a term or name...

Still working on the ol' magnum opus of sorts, and am stuck on looking for a particular word to use. Some time ago I was somewhat captivated by Mel Brooks description of his character Comicus's occupation in the movie History of the World part 1, and I have been trying to find a term that would have the same worded meaning. Not that Bea Arthur's retort was that far off, just not as poetic as I would like. ;-)

What I am looking for is something that means "brings/pulls from the air/ether." Such as a philosopher who pulls the muse from the air, and presents it to the audience. Or may be even going further as bringing order from chaos. I had found one word for that as Chaoskampf, and as much as I like it, it does not roll off the tongue easily to suit my tastes. So any other suggestions would be appreciated.
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