Whitley Does Not Appove This Message (notapproved) wrote in little_details,
Whitley Does Not Appove This Message

Overnight work at a boarding stable

Is there a good reason to have someone in a boarding stable at night? I want to have a confrontation there after hours, and I had it in my head that maybe the guy who works there stayed overnight because...I don't know, they're really expensive animals and fires and emergencies are a thing. (And very wealthy people board there, the type to "spare no expense.") But I know next to nothing about stables, and now I'm worried the whole idea sounds silly. I tried looking on google, but I just kept getting job openings at local stables, which was not as helpful as it sounds. (tried several variations of "kinds of jobs in stables," "what it's like to work in a stable," and just plain old "boarding stables.") To be honest, most of the information I'm plotting with comes from reading other books set in stables, because the internet keeps directing me to local business websites that don't do much to tell me what it's like to work there.

ETA: The story is set modern day in New England. Thanks for all the great replies!
Tags: usa (misc), ~animals: horses
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