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Putting a Mercedez Benz engine into the Metallicar.....

Okay, so - we have a '67 Chevy Impala with (according to Mr. Ackles) a 427 CID V8 engine, rated at 385 horsepower. (Apparently the stunt Impala has a 427, so we'll just go with that as 'the' Metallicar engine.)

Now, I want to change it up for bio-fuels. Reading about bio-fuels tells me that the diesel Mercedes Benz engines run *very well* on them.

So I'm wondering - could you take the engine from, say, a MB 280se sedan, and put it into the Metallicar? I know nothing about such things, and frankly, googling has gotten me nowhere.

I just don't know if the engine from the one would fit into the other's chassis.

Is it possible to convert the Metallicar's engine to run on bio-fuel? I guess that's the other question.

Any info would be awesome, even a link to a car-specific comm like this.

Basically googled 'will a Mercedes Benz engine fit into another car/a Chevrolet' and variations on that theme and have come up totally blank. Also 'retrofit a Chevrolet with a Mercedes Benz engine' and found out you could put a MB engine into a Jeep. But...that's pretty much it. Also 'will a 427 cid ls v8 engine run on biofuel' and variations - nothing at all.
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