Wallwalker (wallwalker) wrote in little_details,

Angel information sites or books

Does anyone know of good, accurate online resources about angels? (If not, can anyone recommend any books?) I'd like to use one in a story, and I've found one that looks promising but I think I'd like to make sure my information is accurate first...

This is what I have so far on the angel (Hayyel):

Hayyel is the angel of wild animals and teaches humans to take care of and love animals. Hayyel protects the wild animals of the earth. (from here)

Hayyel: Protects wild animals along with Thuriel, Mtniel and Jehiel. Pray to them to protect animals from extinction. Hayyel teaches humankind that just as the angels protect us, so were we created to protect nature. Pray to this angel to inspire humans to become the stewards of all nature that we are meant to be. (from here)

Thanks in advance. (I love this community. ^^)

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