The Tick (shanrina) wrote in little_details,
The Tick

A woman claiming sanctuary in a church in medieval Spain--possible or not?

Setting: Olvera, Spain, in 1410. It's historical fantasy, though, so the exact year and place are somewhat flexible.

My MC, a young poor woman, is accused of theft by a rich, well-respected person of the town. If she tries to claim sanctuary in a church, will that claim actually be respected by the local population and officials?

Googled: variations on "church sanctuary asylum Spain," "church sanctuary asylum women," (which only gave me wealthy women; my MC is poor), "Catholic sanctuary asylum Spain," "Catholic sanctuary asylum women," and "church sanctuary history law" but there's just so much clutter because sanctuary is such a common church word. I've found a lot about sanctuary in England, but almost nothing about it in Spain/Iberia.

Tags: 1400-1499, spain: government, spain: history, ~law enforcement (misc), ~religion: christianity: catholicism, ~religion: christianity: historical

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