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Useful source - Naiomi Mitchison bibliography

I don't know if anyone in the community will be interested in this, but if they are: a VERY exhaustive bibliography of author, poet and journalist Naomi Mitchison (1897-1999) has just gone on line, covering well over a thousand books, articles, etc. and hosting a previously unpublished story. Mitchison was a very significant figure in 20th century British literature, and seems to have known everyone worth knowing in literature, art, politics, and science through most of the century. Her stories and articles reflect this and shed a lot of light on the period.

Naomi Mitchison - Towards a bibliography
Compiled by Violet Williams, Roger Robinson and Caroline Mullan

This was originally going to be published as a print book, but it apparently became clear that (a) it was going to be near impossible to track down everything she ever wrote, even with her cooperation and the help of Violet Williams, her secretary, and (b) it was going to be a ridiculously big book. Accordingly, they've decided to put it on line as an ongoing project here, as a joint venture by Beccon Publications and the Science Fiction Foundation.

Note - there are probably at least 20 tags that apply to Mitchison's career and life - I've gone with the most obvious, mods please change if there's anything that seems wrong.
Tags: africa (misc), uk (misc), uk: history (misc), uk: scotland (misc), ~literature

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