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Inside ancient non-Western cities

This question is party preemptive, as this is an item that is highly likely to arise many times over the course of this book. Recently I have been banging my head against Google trying to find a map of Qufu (Lu state, future China) in the 6th century BCE. What I need is the inside of the city: its layout, internal roads, etc., and what I am getting is a lot of maps of China with a dot telling where Qufu is. So:

Where can I find maps of the insides of ancient Eurasian cities, if they even exist at all, particularly when I don't speak the languages of the places in question?

Right now I seek a map of Qufu sometime in the realm of 500 BCE.
In a little while I'll be looking for Bodh Gaya & environs, also at a time near to 500 BCE.
This is going to keep going for a while, from Qufu to Rome, in the centuries following 551 BCE. Rome, and some major cities close to it, will have tons of Ancient World maps available, sometimes with a large variety of short time periods, but further east my Google Fu falls short. (I expect similar difficulties with non-Northern Africa; that will be about 800 CE.)

History of the search:
Most of it has been in Google images, containing various combinations of the phrases: Qufu, 500 bc, 6th century bc, Lu, map, layout, bc, ancient. A few of these I've entered into Google web search. I've discovered some very nice historical map sites, but nothing zooms in closer than the division of the Zhou states--or the relative locations of cities in the Persian Empire, or other similarly broad descriptions of regions. Of course I've viewed the Wikipedia pages for Lu and Qufu. On my library's catalog site I've searched by selecting combinations of categories including "China--historical--700 to 261 BC," "China--architecture," "China--non-fiction," plus some other similar ones I can't remember, narrowing it also by language and media type, specifically excluding categories with dates outside of my range or that referred to fiction. So far the best I've come up with is a map--all in low-resolution Chinese characters--for the capital of the Qi state next to Lu in the appropriate period. Considering this and Qufu's significance and history I find it not unlikely that a map exists, and as this book is aimed at an audience interested in history it would be negligent not to look harder, but I'm now at a loss as to how to look.

I am extremely grateful for all and any aide.
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