doctordidj (doctordidj) wrote in little_details,

in need of Russian slang

I'm writing a science fiction story, in which AIs live alongside humans. The names for AIs are descriptive, like Native American names. Humans have a tendency to shorten AI names or give them nicknames, which annoys the AIs (one of the ongoing jokes in the series).

The protagonist is an AI named _Speak Truth to Power_, and she is hiring human mercenaries for a covert operation. One of them is an experienced Russian commando. Like many humans do, he gives her a nickname. I tried to find a Russian-sounding nickname based on her name _Speak Truth to Power_ and I came up with "Pravdova," which is supposed to mean "daughter of truth" or just "truth lady." But then I realized I don't know Russian and I might be getting it totally wrong.

What is the literal translation of _Speak Truth to Power_ in Russian?
How would this grizzled old soldier refer to a boss with that name?
Can you suggest a better nickname?

Other than that, he'd use slang terms for weapons, allies, enemies, camp food, and so on. I could use slang terms for those.
Tags: ~languages: russian

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