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[ANON POST] A variety of ridiculous WWII-related questionS

I seem to have a strange plotbunny that won't leave me alone and requires me to write several background incidents based on things I know nothing about. Can you help me, little_details?

Setting: Germany during WWII, but of the wildly unrealistic, over-the-top variety. Think Inglorious Basterds where rule-of-cool outweighs what actually happened. The timeline is flexible; I'm thinking 1943, but given that history is going to deviate substantially, it doesn't matter all that much.
Search terms: Australians in WWII/Germany, RAAF, SAS, concentration camp escapes, POW escapes, 1930s jazz, variations thereof.

So, here's the scenario. My Australian MC and a small team ideally consisting of oddballs from various countries get stuck with a secret mission to somehow cross enemy lines and rescue a German resistance member with information that's vital to the war effort. Obviously, nothing like this ever happened; given that, I'd still like it to be as plausible and have as many connections to actual history as possible.


1. If I go on research I've done so far, the only Australian presence in Germany was the RAAF, which doesn't quite work for the character. Could he have found his way into a British unit if he'd been living there before the war? (Preferably having something to do with the SIS, but anything where he could somehow get into a combat situation would work.)

2. My MC has been overseas for a while and was involved in a previous mission that went horribly wrong—either most of his men were killed, or a number of civilians were killed, or better yet both—leaving him and the rest of his unit traumatized. Is there a real life incident (I was initially thinking the bombardment of Hamburg) that would work for this?

3. The German resistance member has been underground in Berlin for years following the dissolution of the KPD, and passing intelligence to both the British and the Soviets until he's captured. He's not particularly high-profile. Assuming that the Nazis don't just outright shoot him (because then no story) where would the best place be to send him so that he survives long enough to escape/be rescued?

4. On a more traditionally little_details note, both characters are into American jazz. How much of a pain would it be to access imported records in their respective countries before the war started?

Thanks in advance!
Tags: 1940-1949, germany: history, ~history (misc), ~music, ~world war ii

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