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Summer Constellations in the UK

Story Setting: California in the year 2000

What I'm Looking For: I'm writing a scene where two characters are star gazing. One of the characters is British. My question is do constellations go by different names in the UK? For example Ursa Major which I've always heard, here in the USA, called Big Dipper, but I've read on several websites it is called The Plough in the U.K. So, I'm wondering is this the case with other constellations? I'm specifically wondering about the Summer Constellations. These include, along with Ursa Major:

  • Ursa Minor

  • Botes/Boötes

  • Lyra

  • Aquila

  • Cygnus

  • Sagittarius

  • Scorpius

  • Hercules

Searched: So far I've used Google with search terms such as: "star constellation names in the UK", or "constellation names in England. So far this has lead me to lists of the Latin and English names, but not the common everyday names like Big Dipper.

Tags: uk (misc), uk: folklore

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