phoenixfalls (phoenixfalls) wrote in little_details,

Book of Legal Code Found in Illinois Public Libraries?

Just found this place, so I hope I'm doing everything right. . .

Setting: Southside of Chicago, IL, 1978

What I need to know: Is it reasonable for a neighborhood library to have a bound copy of Illinois Legal Code (specifically the Criminal Code) in its reference section? Or is this the sort of thing that would only be found at the central library downtown? Or only in a specialized law library?

What I tried: Google, with terms like "legal code book" and "public library" adding and subtracting "Illinois" and "criminal" in varying combinations. But all I could find were actual Illinois statutes related to libraries. I wanted to just search the Chicago Public Library catalog, but when I go to their site I keep getting error messages.
Tags: 1970-1979, usa: illinois, ~law (misc), ~librarians & libraries

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