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[ANON POST] Injury that would make playing the violin painful/impossible that is not losing a hand

Hello little details! This is the first time I ask so I hope I am doing this right (english is not my first language so I hope I express myself correctly).

One of my MCs is supposed to have an accident which causes him to be unable to play the violin. Ideally he could still TECHNICALLY do it, but it would cause pain (resulting in him giving it up).

Setting would be 17th century-ish. I'm currently thinking about him getting his hand crushed and then not having it treated, resulting in the fingerbones not properly healing. From what I read about fractures, this seems to be possible. Especially scaphoid fractures seem to result in difficulty of grasping things for the patients, if not treated.
From my research it seems to be realistic for something like this to happen without major complications like necrosis etc, but I might be wrong.

Since I need him to be unable/unwilling to play his violin anymore and I don't play that instrument myself I tried to find out what would be more severe - breaking the left or the right hand. I googled forum posts and articles about lefthanded and righthanded violinplay and looked up some tutorials for playing it as well as videos of people playing the violin and it seems to me that the hand playing the strings generally needs more dexterity (which would be the left hand)? Or skill to learn? I'm not sure about this.
I've read opinions that the hand holding the bow is more important, but these haven't been in the context of 'what if your hand was broken' so I'm not sure if it means anything in this regard. I could see this causing trouble too though if you have difficulty grasping things.

So basically I wonder if the injury I have in mind is realistic for my scenario, and if yes, which hand would cause the most trouble (or wether it's not important).

I researched guides and videos on how to play the violin, discussions about left handed vs right handed violins, fractures, hand fractures in particular, scaphoid fractures, therapy for hand fractures.
Tags: 1600-1699, ~medicine: injuries to order, ~medicine: injuries: broken bones

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