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[ANON POST] Severe Knee Injury?

Hello! I'm having a little trouble researching about the treatments for what I'm doing to my MC in my fanfic.

The MC is male and in his thirties and fit. It's set in modern day UK. There are slight superpowers and such at work, although it's not really important to his injury (other than the fact that someone with super strength hurt him)

Anyways, it's a pretty severe injury, because the bad guy repeatably abuses the knee in hopes that the MC will never walk normal again. My main thing is that I have to do as much damage as possible without amputation, because it's important later in the story that he has both legs (one of them being pretty damaged)

I have a question about surgery, because the character has ACL/MCL and other tears that need to be fixed, but i read that they usually leave the surgery for a week to let the swelling go down. If the MC also has a broken/shattered kneecap do they automatically need to do surgery on that? or do they wait for the swelling to go down on that as well? Also, for any of those who have had kneecap issues and such, to repair an injury like that do they put pins and such in your knee to help stabilize it (and remove them after a couple of years). Do you also need to wait for the kneecap to heal before you start doing physio? I know starting physio quick is important but considering he has so much damage done do they wait for him to heal, or do they just start him ASAP so it will help him in the long run?

Research: (everything from google) Shattered kneecap, ACL tear... pretty much all the tears you can do... Recovery from those. Kneecapping (which is pretty much what I'm doing, minus the gun.. but i can't find a lot of prognosis on it)

I can find good information on the individual injuries, it's just with all of them together that's leaving me a bit overwhelmed. I've read through some of the knee injuries tags here... that one does a really good example of the actual physio (and I'm probably going to use her example)

Any examples or suggestions would be great. It's really important that even after about 6-8 months of physio the MC still has major issues with his mobility, and does not have a good prognosis of his leg getting much better, so I'm trying to make it as serious as possible, without going overboard.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order, ~medicine: injuries: broken bones

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