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[ANON POST] Practice of Hinduism by a college-age musician

I'm looking for what sorts of shrine or offering might be appropriate for a young Hindu male musician going to college.

Setting: Modern (2012), an unnamed college on the East Coast of the US.

Ramanik (Ram for short) was born in India (I haven't decided exactly where yet) but immigrated to the US with his family as a young child. They belong to the Brahmin caste, and his family is about middle class in the US. Ram is a talented and devoted musician (flute, piccolo, and other woodwind dabbling), and he's working towards a performance degree.

He's quiet about it, but still religious, and he follows the vegetarian ideal. I know that the practice of Hinduism can be so individual that I'm not sure what devotions would be realistic for him. Right now, I'm considering a small icon of Ganesha in one of his various (32, 12, depending on the source) forms -- based on anecdotes from a ethnomusicology professor, who plays the tabla -- with the icon in his room, with sweets offered regularly.

This is something I'd like to get respectfully correct, which is why I ask. If any of this seems off, I would love to hear the feedback of those more familiar with this kind of thing.

Search terms: Various combinations of Ganesh, Ganesha, forms of Ganesh, Ganesha attributes, Hindu music/musicians and gods, vedic instruments, Dvija Ganapati,
Tags: usa: education (misc), ~religion: hinduism

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