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Drinking and Smoking

I don't know if this can be answered, but I want to get an idea about how it makes people feel to drink alcohol or smoke a cigarette. And I'd like to hear about a range of alcoholic beverages. I'm not looking for how people feel when drunk. I'm looking for the feeling from a glass or two. Since I can't use my own impressions, I don't want to simply rely on cliches from reading. I've asked people that I know, and either they aren't good with words or it simply isn't something that can be described to a teetotaler.

First off, I know the clinical effects of alcohol. That's not what I'm looking for.

Second, I don't have a good impression because I just don't like it enough to drink more than a sip for curiosity's sake. I once got down the equivalent of half a glass of wine by taking a single sip of various people's wine and felt what I'll have to assume is tipsy (a little flushed, a little loud). And I did drink half a mudslide once. Similar feeling, but not something worth drinking on a regular basis for.

So, what does it make people feel that they do it again? Or always have one after dinner? Or what does it do for someone who is down or upset?

If my character is having a rough day, does she reach for some just because it's habit and it's the habit that is comforting? Or is it something more?

While we're at it. What is it about smoking? Aside from satisfying an addition. What feels good about smoke in the lungs? That's not meant to be facetious or sarcastic.
Tags: ~booze, ~cigarettes, ~food and drink (misc), ~recreational drugs

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