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[ANON POST] Resource Post: Firearms Information for Writers - What Would You Like to Know?

Hi all! I've been an active Anon on here for a while--mostly on firearms topics--and I love this place! I just started a blog, and partly because of being active here I'm motivated to do an ongoing series on gun basics for writers (I work with firearms professionally). I've done one post so far (here (http://www.slhuang.com/blog/2012/08/28/gun-basics-for-writers-the-three-rules-of-gun-safety/)), but I'd like to invite people from this community to ask questions (either here on this post or by commenting on my blog) and inquire about what types of firearms topics you feel like it's difficult to research online. Wondering how different weapons feel? What gun owners' attitudes are like? Believable gun malfunctions? Let me know what types of information you would appreciate having detailed guides to.

Questions about all eras of weaponry are welcome. (Questions about military tactics and gunshot wounds, on the other hand, I would not consider myself qualified to address, except in a peripheral sense.)

Again, this will be ongoing, so feel free to hop over at any time and suggest something you would like to hear about! I'm at http://www.slhuang.com/blog/ (http://www.slhuang.com/blog/).

(This is for general firearms topics -- Little Details is of course still the best place if you want to know what type of weapon Character A should have. :) But as always, I'll be lurking here to pitch in on those questions, too!)
Tags: #resources, ~weapons: firearms

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