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Hello, this is my first post and I need your help, if you would be so kind.

I am writing a story about two pilots (Cabin Pressure fanfiction) and I need:

1) Some lines that are possible to be spoken after and before a takeoff, landing. e.g. The first officer would say that light is on, that weather report is good, ready for take off  or something similar?

2) The routine, (filling papers etc) for a captain.

3) What course or route would a pilot take for reaching the airplane. Would he go through special districts of an airport, do some checking in-out, I have no idea. Also, in the show I am writing fanficton about, a portacabin was mentioned. Where that would be located?

I have made some research mainly in Google and that is what I have found, is mainly how pilots communicating with the ATC and not with each other. I have mainly used this sites:
and every other site with the keywords "pilot", "atc", "first officer", "procedures" and the like. This site was particularly helpful:                                                                                          

Thank you in advance.
Tags: ~aviation, ~travel: air travel

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