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[ANON POST] Living with sickle cell anemia

My story is taking place in Morocco a few years into the future, and one of my MCs has moderate sickle cell anemia. She doesn't have access to much medication because she's on the run from the authorities, but she has a small bottle of folic acid pills that she takes daily for the first half of the story.

I've done several google searches on "sickle cell anemia treatment", "medication for sickle cell anemia", and "living with sickle cell anemia", or variations of the following terms, and I read several articles from the National Heart, Blood and Lung Institute and other such official websites. I also asked my bio professor and she linked me to Gale Power Search, which my school has an account for. However, I'm still a little fuzzy on the small details, and I thought this would be the place to ask. If anyone has answers to these questions or can redirect me to a site which could answer these, that would be great.

1) What small day-to-day aspects of life are affected? Other than taking folic acid pills or other medications, what does one do on the small-scale to lower pain levels and lessen the number of crises one has? Are there certain things one can't do, and to what extent? (f. ex., compared to healthy humans, how much harder is exercise, dealing with altitudes, etc.?)

2) What noticeable changes are there if removed from folic acid? How much of a difference do the pills make, what might the character struggle with that they could accomplish before?

3) How common, on average, are crises? I understand that it changes depending on the severity of the case, but given a moderate case, would one-two crises a year be reasonable, or am I off?

Thank you!!!
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