Lyle Malarky (thereallyle) wrote in little_details,
Lyle Malarky

Can my characters be massive Doctor Who fans?

Hi guys!

My story takes place during a zombie apocalypse, roughly around now (maybe a year or two in the future). It's set at a college that is very much like Mount Holyoke but doesn't say so.

I Googled a bunch of versions of "fair use" and "what counts as fair use," which helped but didn't answer all of my questions. Searches like "can my book characters be doctor who fans" were utterly useless and turned up crap about legality of fan fiction.

- I'd like to have my characters mention they were planning to put a Tardis on their wedding cake.
- One proposed to the other with a ring in a Tardis-shaped box.
- They sometimes pretend that they have a Tardis of their own, and say things like "I'll come pick you up in my Tardis!"

Before I add any more things like that, I'd like to know if it's legal. Should I just be more vague and say "I'll pick you up in my spaceship" or "my time machine?"

Thanks! :)

ETA: I'm American, and would be planning to publish in the USA.
Tags: writing, ~publishing & copyright

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