Lin (lin) wrote in little_details,

Losing one eye - what's the standard medical care received?

Googled - 'medical care for eye loss', 'first aid eye injury' and various other searches with similar terminology which didn't get me where I needed because it mostly centred on eye loss through disease, or eye injuries that weren't severe enough.

Cut for, ah, squicky subject matter.

Background is this - young soldier fights the antagonist of the story, and in the process she stabs him in the eye with a small dagger. Not big enough to poke on through to his brain, but big enough to make him lose the eye. It's set in modern times in the US, so he'd receive modern medical care. He's gonna have to skip out on a lot of it (there's no time, for instance, for him to stay in the hospital for a longer while) but what's the medical care one would normally receive? After-care, as well? I really do need him to lose the eye (for plot reasons I need him to be injured in a way that cannot be fixed).
Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order, ~medicine: injuries: eye injuries
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