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[ANON POST] Psychological effects of female-on-male rape

This might be a strange/touchy question, but I wanted to see if I could get links and/or ideas on how to write the feelings of a male rape victim. I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around his psychological state because of all the myths out there concerning a man being raped by a woman.

The setting is thus, a young man (18-20) is being held hostage by a criminal group and is raped repeatedly (penile-vaginal sex) over a period of at least weeks by a female member. She is older than him (28ish) and is able to overpower him because of her superior strength and combat training, whereas he has none and is of a slim build compared to her.

Other things that may play into his psychological state and whatnot is that he is a "genius" (part of why he's being held hostage) and has a sort of personality where he prides himself on his control and eschewing of "normal human emotions" and part of why she is doing this to him is to show him that he doesn't have control.

I want to accurately portray how he might feel/his state of mind during and not play on stereotypes.

I've searched for things like "male rape victims" and "male rape victims feelings", but I get a lot of male-male rape stuff when I'm obviously looking for female-male. And there's a lot of rhetoric out there about how it's not really rape and men always enjoy having sex with women no matter the circumstances, etc.

Thanks. Please ask me clarifying questions if anything is confusing, stated badly, etc.
Tags: ~sexual abuse & assault
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