Liz A. Vogel (lizvogel) wrote in little_details,
Liz A. Vogel

Finding just the right Mozart

My knowledge of classical music doesn't go much beyond "I like the one with the cannons in it." Please help me.

I need a piece by Mozart that is (a) generally regarded as pleasant and soothing, and (b) sufficiently well-known that someone with a cursory familiarity with classical music would recognize it. Triple bonus points if the melody could be recognizably whistled by a sufficiently skilled whistler.

I've Googled "mozart best known works" and the like, and done some listening on YouTube. Unfortunately, classical music is really not my cup of tea, so what most people would find soothing and pleasant does not necessarily have the same effect on me. The Clarinet Concerto is my current front-runner; does that fit the bill to those of you who know more about this stuff than I do? Is there a better piece I should be considering?

ETA: Thanks, everyone! You've given me a lot of good options; now I just have to pick one!

Tags: ~music

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