Beth Winter (bwinter) wrote in little_details,
Beth Winter

Gunshot wound to order

What kind of gunshot injury would fit these parameters?

- caused by either a direct shot or ricochet from a gunman about 3 metres away
- potentially very lethal, but not immediately
- makes the character go into eventual shock, but allows her to remain conscious for 10-15 minutes (obviously in great distress and preferably immobilised enough that the gunman ignores her as no longer dangerous)
- rudimentary first aid in the first 15-30 minutes can make a significant difference to her survival outcome once
- the aid is administered, an ambulance is there within 30-45 minutes from the shooting, and after two to four weeks of top-notch, cost-is-not-an-object medical care, she can go on an intercontinental flight (first-class, with an attendant who won't let her pick up anything heavier than a fork) and do lightweight sightseeing without any mobility devices

I was thinking about a general shot to the stomach, but the first-aid plot point is giving me trouble - is applying pressure etc going to make a difference when the bleeding's internal? Would a lung wound work, with someone holding her up so that she doesn't drown in her own blood? Basically I need someone to save her life to make up for shooting her in the first place...
Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order, ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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