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Starvation-type eating disorder over several years-effect on growth

Did some Googling of 'anorexia stunted growth', 'long term eating disorder effects', and other terms along those lines, and played with a height calculator for a bit, but I need some more specific advice.

The character who this is about is a girl who entered puberty at 9 and struggled with an eating disorder from ages 11 to 19. This disorder was predominantly starvation-type, and the severity was everything from 'loses large chunk of body weight in a few months and needs instant hospitalization to survive' to 'you'd need a history with EDs yourself to realize she has any more body insecurities than your average adolescent girl' and everything in between. There were also a couple bulimic episodes around age 14-15.

Her birth mother was 5'4", her birth father was 5'7", both of average builds. She has no blood siblings, and if she'd never been disordered, she would've been somewhat taller and a little thinner than her genetics would usually indicate-not enough for there to be a noticable disrespectancy, though.

She would definitely have some drastically stunted growth-that much is for certain. How much, though? I get that she'd definitely be below five feet, but how far, roughly, and what kind of weight would she be able to healthily maintain post-recovery?

I don't need exact numbers, but a rough guide would be helpful.

Bonus question: How much would her fertility be affected? Completely sterile, or just major difficulties conceiving?
Tags: ~body size/shape, ~medicine: reproduction, ~medicine: starvation/malnourishment

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