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Sword for my MC?

So, my main character usually doesn't carry a sword, seeing as this story is set in the modern day. However, sometimes you just need something to bring on the bloodshed, so at the point that he doesn't need to worry about concealability, he carries a sword, or at least uses one.

Here's where I'm stuck. If you carry a sword on your hip, it is a) a bitch to have there, b) tricky to run with, c) you keep hitting things when you turn around. So, I had him carrying it on his back.

I originally also had hi carrying a hand-and-a-half sword, I thought it would be a good compromise between 1- and 2-handed use. However, I realised that carrying it on his back, with the rest of his rig, a hand-and a half is just too long, especially in the handle. I decided it would fit his character (kind of a brawler, not a fan of the fancier and glitzy things. He can act upper-class and sophisticated, but he doesn't like it that much. Same with technical style, he can fence like a master but would rather look sloppy but be good than look good and be sloppy) to have him using a sword in the viking style.

So, the sword I have him using is a blended style between the arming sword and the viking style. It's a long blade, between the "regular" and bastard sword in length, an inch or two shorter than the bastard maybe. It's shorter in the handle, long enough to get a second grip, but not as long as the bastard one. It's got the counterweight on the pommel like the viking style, and the single, very broad, fuller running up the centre of the blade. It's a bit broader even than the bastard, and the size and weight gets commented on. One guy who has, throughout his arc, been shown to be a master fencer, mocks the sword for being a butchers blade, so my MC shows he can fence as well with it as with a rapier. To this end, I gave it a point similar to the arming sword so it can be used to stab better. He's stronger than human, so he can lift and swing it without much of a problem.

As for the issue of draing it from your back, instead of it being a full sheath I made it in 2 sections, one covering the tip and the first few inches of the blade, the second the same, next to the crossguard. This way it allows him to draw it normally, as the blade can move away from his back as he draws it over his shoulder.

this is just to get some advice, see if there are any glaring problems you can see, etc. Please do not be surprised if I argue my choice, I tend to use stuff like this as a way of re-justifying things like weapons choice to myself.

Thanks in advance

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