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Rectal \ Anal stitches

This is a really awkward question but...

This is a really awkward question but...
My character, a white male in his middle thirties, has been assaulted (several times).
For the sake of the plot, once at hospital, I need the character to be awake and able to respond, but just barely.
1- How, in this context, are stitches applied? Would them most likely be placed internally or externally? (or both?)
2- In which position is the patient generally placed into?
3- Is it possibile to have it done while the patient is conscious? (If yes, how would they numb the area?)
4- Does he have to go to hospital for follow-ups?
5- How long until I'll be able to walk again?
6- (My character is not a doctor, althrough he does have some medical knownledge. He knows help is there for the asking but his ridiculous stubbornness is something truly admirable. ) Keeping in mind that he got some cracked (bruised?) ribs too, if - in the following days -  he'd accidentally trip and fall down ripping some of his stitches, is it possible for him to try to repair it by himself, failing miserably in the task? (Of course, a REAL doctor will come and evaluate the damage right away.)
Thank you very much for your help!
I've tried googling but it's a tough thing to search. I have checked a tremendous amount of websites about these topics and have found myself even more confused than before, since they are all pretty much about hemorrhoids surgery.
Search tags: rectal tears, sutures.
Tags: ~medicine (misc), ~medicine: emts/paramedics, ~medicine: illnesses to order, ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~sex, ~sexual abuse & assault

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