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Behavior of children/prepubescent teen with PTSD and the therapy they'd receive

Searched Terms: "child behavior PTSD", "children PTSD", "children PTSD war", "children PTSD disaster"

-Children Still Show Signs...
-Half of Afghani children has PTSD
-Helping Children After A Disaster
-Helping Children Cope With Loss, Death, and Grief
-How child abuse affects both the body and mind (you'll have to scroll down a bit)
-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
-PTSD in Children and Teens
-What Are The Symptoms...


The setting is on Earth hundreds of years in the future. A 15 year old boy who manages to survive on an isolated colony out in space whose society collapsed (and became scarily dystopian) initially due to blighted crops. There's still food on the colony, but being isolated as it is, it's enough to cause mass chaos. This leads to a military take over which then decides to use this as an opportunity to get rid of the people who they don't like - protagonist's family included.

For about a year there's militant rule with multiple abuses (rape, humiliation, torture, starvation) not all to the protagonist, but he would have seen the majority of it, then there's mass killings - again, he probably would have witnessed some of it - and then in an additional three more months there's a disease that ultimately ends up becoming an epidemic and nearly kills everyone. Which he survives, but yet again, witnesses its devastation.

SO. Having survived all that he's eventually is saved and sent back to Earth to live with his only remaining family, his aunt.

I have two questions-

1) Having witnessed all that, he's bound to have problems, yet all the articles I looked up are, understandably, for the parents in regards to telling them what signs to look out for. There's no real description for what those symptoms feel like (for example, emotional numbness - is that a complete shut down and you just stop caring or is it like the feeling that nothing is real, but there are still moments where you can be happy, sad, etc?) Are there any support websites aimed at children that describes what they're going through in better detail? Are there any studies/forums/online support groups that would do the same? Or pretty much anything else that describes PTSD after a huge-scale event like this (books, articles, anything!)

I have pretty a good idea what PTSD feels like, I just have no idea what it'd be like with something this big.

2) What kind of therapy would my protagonist be given in response to all this? Can someone describe to me in better detail exactly what Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is, how it works, and what are the goals? (ex: getting them to come to terms with what happened? getting them to stop obsessing? re-integrating them with society with less panic attacks?) Also, anything on any other types of therapy that could be used here would be great, too.

Yikes, this got long. Thanks in advance for all your help!
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry: ptsd

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