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Burning bits of wood...

Slightly odd question...
Attempting to invent funerary-type customs. The cultural equivalent of bringing flowers to a grave is to burn bits of (aromatic) wood at the gravesite.

I was thinking the usual mechanism would be that one would have a block of aged cedar (or some equivalent wood), a sharp knife, and a lit candle or the like. One shaves off a suitable pile of wood bits, then lights them.
What I'm mostly trying to figure out is
1. How small would the wood bits need to be? (ie powdery fuzz, or little curls of wood, or somewhere between?...)
2. How easy would it be to light the wood? Would you need to do anything special to it, or just apply fire? And, how quickly would it burn? (something like a tablespoon to 1/4 cup of shavings)
3. What would the smoke and the resulting ash be like? Would it burn completely, or leave Recognizable Wood Bits? Would there be a lot of smoke (compared to the size of the fire), or not?

I kind of tried to experiment, with the kind of cedar shavings they use for animal bedding, but it didn't work very well.
Any pyromaniacs out there willing and able to help me?
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