Lauryn (laur_kenobi) wrote in little_details,

Good research books/texts

Hi! (I hope this is allowed)

I love this community. I use it all the time. I love reading/writing hurt/comfort stories. I'm actually really interested in the medical field and love reading about trauma and treatments. I was wondering if you have any reading suggestions? Someone on this site once mentioned reading "Body Trauma: A writer's guide to wounds and injuries"... needless to say I bought it the next day and loved it. It was a very interesting read and I feel as though I learned from it. I do know that's part of a whodoneit series but right now I'm looking injury/trauma/wound based reading, opposed to how to treat a crime scene and stuff.

So pretty much i was wondering if you knew any reader-friendly books that are like this? Obviously... obviously I'm not in the medical field at all, so it needs to be something than anyone can read. I just want to expand my knowledge and perhaps next time I want to hurt a character in a story I can be more realistic.

Tags: #resources

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