psychicotaku182 (psychicotaku182) wrote in little_details,

Leg injuries

Hi! So I'm looking for an injury, most likely to the leg, that could be caused by a car accident and would fit the following:
-loss of full range of motion, bad enough to prevent a career in dance, but not so bad as to prevent dancing, period.
-Occasional "locking" of the knee, either as a permanent side-effect, or just during recovery
-Little to no scarring

In my story, the MFC (main female character) is involved in an accident that's left her unable to pursue her dream of being a professional ballet dancer. Aside from occasionally locking up, she's still able to go about her normal life (walking, running, jogging, swimming, ect.) and even some dancing, leaving the option of teaching dance still available.

I've searched the following: leg injuries, knee injuries, injuries that would prevent a career in dance, injuries that would end a career in dance, leg injuries that cause the leg to lock up, common car crash injuries.

It's extremely important to the story, as it effects not only the mfc, but also every other major character. I'd prefer it if her range of motion is such that other characters are surprised to find out about the injury.
Tags: ~arts: ballet, ~car accidents, ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~medicine: injuries: broken bones, ~sports (misc)

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